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How to Save an MP3 Sermon to Your Hard Drive

(Instead of using your left mouse button to click on the link to play the MP3 file,
just use your right mouse button with the link in order to choose the option of saving
the file to your computer.  It will say something like, "Save Link Target," "Save Link As,"
or "Save Link Target As," etc.  After doing so, you will also be given the option of what folder to save it in.)

Tom Edwards

Here are some of my sermons:

Prayer (7/17/11)   

The Philippian Jailer (2/28/10)   

Evidences of God Through the Creation

The Deity of Jesus Christ  

Bible Prophecy


1 Peter 3:18-22

"Work Out Your Own Salvation" (Phil. 2:12,13)

The Music of the Church -- A Cappella (4/17/11)

The Importance of Attending Church (3/7/10)


The Need for Humility (3/21/10)

NOTE: If the voice sounds a little muffled, try adjusting your tone control from less bass to more treble.