-- Answer: Not a One! --

There is no passage in the New Testament that speaks of infants being baptized.

Actually, there is no need for their being baptized, since they are in a "safe" or "innocent" state. (For baptism is for the salvation of the lost.)

It is Jesus who shows infants to be in a "safe state" in Matthew 18:1-4, and refers to the kingdom of heaven as belonging to them in Matthew 19:14. 
We, therefore, must also become like little children to enter God's kingdom (Matt. 18:3); which does not mean that we act immaturely, but that we become "innocent" (through the blood of Christ) and also have a childlike faith or dependence upon God in heaven.  For being childlike with the right qualities is one thing -- but being childish is another.

Not only infants, but also anyone who would pass away before reaching an age of accountability, will be safe with God and spend an eternity in heaven.

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