Bible Quiz:

"Water Baptism"

by Tom Edwards

(Be sure to check out the anwers, for a short comment along with them.)

1. Which of the following men made the statement in one of his epistles that "baptism now saves you''? Was it a) Paul, b) Peter, c) James, or d) Jude? (answer)

2. Who in the book of Mark declares that "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved''? (answer)

3. What two conditions are specified in Acts 2:38 that one must do in order to have sins forgiven? (answer)

4. According to Romans 6:3,4, baptism is for which one of the following reasons: a) to show our sins have already been forgiven, b) to be able to walk in newness of life, or c) to become a member of a particular denomination? (answer)

5. In Galatians 3:26,27, Paul shows how one is put into Christ. What two conditions are necessary for this to happen, according to this passage? (answer)

6. In John 3:5, Jesus teaches that a man must be born again before he can enter the kingdom of heaven. What are the two things one must be born of in order to make this possible? (answer)

7. Paul's sins were forgiven after having met the Lord on the road to Damascus and prior to his being baptized. True or False? (For help on this, see Acts 22:16, which occurs after Paul's encounter with the Lord on the road to Damascus.) (answer)

8. Paul speaks of baptism as how in Colossians 2:12? Does he refer to it as a) a sprinkling, b) a burial, or c) a pouring? (answer)

9. The "WHEREIN also ye are risen with him'' (KJV) or, as the New American Standard Version renders it, "IN WHICH you were also raised up with Him'' (Col. 2:12) is referring to which one of the following? a) baptism, b) faith, or c) the Spirit? (answer)

10. How many baptisms does Ephesians 4:5 teach are for today? (answer)

11. About what hour of the night was the Philippian jailer baptized? (See Acts 16:25-34.) (answer)

12. Both the Ethiopian eunuch and the Philippian jailer rejoiced in Christ before they were baptized. True or false? (For help with this, consider the above passage along with Acts 8:38,39.) (answer)

13. Must one be baptized for the right reason or could just any type of baptism suffice? (See Acts 19:3-7.) (answer)

14. How many "infant baptisms'' do we read of in the New Testament? (answer)

15. As we examine these Scriptures, baptism is shown as being something one must do for which of the following reasons: a) to have sins washed away and become a Christian b) to join a particular denomination, or c) to show that sins have already been washed away, prior to being baptized? (answer)